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The Pilgrim Tribe

We believe that being a modern explorer means being passionate, curious, creative and expressive. We want to create a global tribe of like-minded explorers and would like to invite you to join the journey with us.

Being part of the Pilgrim Tribe means being part of a collective that participates in conversations, events and inspiration. You also earn Pilgrim Miles on your purchases, which you can use with our very generous no-strings-attached rewards program.

Often membership plans & loyalty programmes are complex to understand, difficult to use and confusing. Pilgrim Miles is different. You get 1 mile for every 10 Rs spent on the website - no conditions attached! Whether you spent it during a sale, buying a gift or a combo, or an individual product. You spend, you get miles, you smile.

Each mile worth Rs 1/-! Pilgrim likes life simple, no more 7.3 points for every Rs 145 spent and each point is worth 20 paise.

Pilgrim Tribe Privileges

  1. 1 by 10:

    Get 1 mile for every Rs 10/- spent on the website. NO conditions attached! 1 mile = Rs 1/- for redemption. The gained miles can be used on the website to buy more products.

  2. Exclusive Offers:

    Access to exclusive members-only flash sales every month! 

  3. Pre Launch Curiosity:

    Exclusive Pre Launch Access to New Products.

* Terms & Conditions Apply

  1. Unused miles expire after 60 days.
  2. Management has sole discretion to change the plan anytime.